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[FEATURE] Rename conversion tasks (3)
[FEATURE] Clone Conversion Tasks (3)
[FEATURE] Ability to select conversion task on monitor location (3)
[FEATURE] Filter conversion tasks based off path of file (10)
[BUG] Searching a directory with a large number of files is slow (9)
[BUG] Custom File renaming not always taking into account static letters case (7)
[BUG] Cut Start with Ad Markers causes segment of show before ad to get cut (3)
[FEATURE] File Naming Convention for Subtitles and Audio (19)
[BUG] Incorrect metadata/rename S.W.A.T. (2017) (5)
[BUG] Mcebuddy engine not starting on reboot (4)
[FEATURE] Set Subtitle Language in mkv file (3)
[FEATURE] Change Icon when conversion is in progress (2)
[FEATURE] ConvertCutListToKeepList: Don't skip small segments when commercial cutting is disabled (3)
[FEATURE] Add file name (without directory) to history (2)
[BUG] Comskip INI values not being applied (11)
[FEATURE] Add selection filter 'Seasons' to Movies/Sports (2)
[FEATURE] Extract Subtitles stored in Teletext (Europe) (1)
[FEATURE] Move Scheduling to the Task level (3)
[FEATURE] Remux mkv to mp4 but only files under 2000mb (6)
[FEATURE] Skip or adjust minimum segment size when using custom cuts edl file (6)
[FEATURE] MCEBuddy Status - create option to monitor multiple MCEBuddy's in one MCEBuddy Status window (13)
[BUG] IMDB API error (10)
[BUG] MCEbuddy stuck in loop downloading metadata for shows (4)
[FEATURE] allow multiple MCEBuddy installs to share the Conversion Que (1)
[BUG] 7/9 2.4.9 beta missing first 15 min of tv program (4)
[FEATURE] Visual indication of Monitor Locations (7)
[BUG] MKV Unprocessed stops during MCEBuddy.RemuxMediaCenter.ExtractWithGraph (7)
Have to stop then start MCE Buddy to get it to see the file(s) in the "watched" folder (2)
MCEBuddy 2.4 Beta (May 25 and previous beta build) fail to open in A's Video Converter and others (18)