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[FEATURE] allow multiple MCEBuddy installs to share the Conversion Que (2)
[FEATURE] Possible To Do Now? Remove EIA_608 text from file (5)
[FEATURE] MCEBuddy Status - create option to monitor multiple MCEBuddy's in one MCEBuddy Status window (14)
[BUG] EDL File UTF-8 BOM Encoded causing Kodi initial skips (7)
[FEATURE] Extracting DVB using ccextractor (8)
[FEATURE] Compare series year with premiere year while matching metadata (4)
[FEATURE] Ability to select conversion task on monitor location (5)
Custom Command Parameter arguments are different from what was supposed to be passed (4)
[FEATURE] Convert based on video bitrate (1)
[BUG] Seemingly Random Commercial Find Errors - 2.4.9 Stable (2)
[FEATURE] Rename conversion tasks (3)
[FEATURE] Clone Conversion Tasks (3)
[FEATURE] Filter conversion tasks based off path of file (10)
[BUG] Searching a directory with a large number of files is slow (9)
[BUG] Custom File renaming not always taking into account static letters case (7)
[BUG] Cut Start with Ad Markers causes segment of show before ad to get cut (3)
[FEATURE] File Naming Convention for Subtitles and Audio (19)
[BUG] Incorrect metadata/rename S.W.A.T. (2017) (5)
[BUG] Mcebuddy engine not starting on reboot (4)
[FEATURE] Set Subtitle Language in mkv file (3)
[FEATURE] Change Icon when conversion is in progress (2)
[FEATURE] ConvertCutListToKeepList: Don't skip small segments when commercial cutting is disabled (3)
[FEATURE] Add file name (without directory) to history (2)
[BUG] Comskip INI values not being applied (11)
[FEATURE] Add selection filter 'Seasons' to Movies/Sports (2)
[FEATURE] Extract Subtitles stored in Teletext (Europe) (1)
[FEATURE] Move Scheduling to the Task level (3)
[FEATURE] Remux mkv to mp4 but only files under 2000mb (6)
[FEATURE] Skip or adjust minimum segment size when using custom cuts edl file (6)