Duplicate commercial cutting 2.6 Beta 2

Creating this new issue since our previous discussion around the metadata and the 2.6 Beta 2

This is something I’m only seeing since the upgrade but unfortunately it’s 2am when I noticed it so I don’t have time to look in more depth at the moment and I’ll be travelling most of tomorrow so not sure I’ll be able to investigate further.

My setup involves 2 sequential tasks, first includes ad removal based on custom edl file I make with custom cuts. 2nd task is file naming/metadata and some cleanup tasks, and it does not include conversion, and the ad removal is set to none. I’ve had this setup going for months or years.

Since the upgrade though, my best guess is the 2nd task is ignoring the ad removal setting and applying my cuts a 2nd time (to the already cut file), so my 1hr tv show that is normally around 40 minutes with commercials removed is now like 10 or 20 minutes. I’ve included logs from the shows from last 2 days. The big difference is time is part of the clue to me because one day I recorded a bit longer as the recording was unattended.

----- below is what i originally wrote and has some more details… apologies but it’s 3am now :slight_smile: ------
I have multiple tasks, and basically i feed files into 1 directory that just takes the file, cuts the commercials (setting with Ad Remover - Yes use markers) and it also converts to the smallest mp4 (inputs are mostly ts files, but sometimes mp4 or mkv) and it outputs to a 2nd directory. I’m using custom cuts to make the edl files provided into step 1.
This 2nd directory is looked at by 2 conversion task which are based on regex to determine TV or Movie (based on how the files are named - which I manually name before step 1). Both tasks are set to mp4 unprocessed and have ad remover set to none. Basically I use the tasks for renaming and there is a custom powershell triggered for some further folder naming. Outputs are into a 3rd directory.

So the problem I’m seeing is my 1hr + original records should be around 40-45 minutes, but since the upgrade they are only 10-20. My initial guess is that the edl is flowing into the 2nd directory which i think always did happen in the past, but possibly the ad remover setting is being ignored. Even though I’ve got it set to none, feels like the already cut file is being further cut.
logs.zip (4.0 MB)

I’ve attached the 2 config files, and logs from 2 conversions - the FullQualityGeneral is the first conversion and the FixTitleTV is the 2nd.

Found a bit more info - I decided to pause my 2nd job and planned to remove the edl and found that edl doesn’t carry forward and file was already overly cut after first job. Watching the info as it works it kind of looks like the cuts are happening twice, once at the beginning and then again after the conversion.

So don’t believe it’s ignoring the ‘none’ in the 2nd job. Instead seems to be using my Yes-use markers setting twice in the initial one.

According to you logs:
1st task: Commercial Removal → UseMarkers
2nd task: Commercial Removal → None

1st conversion video length

  • original: Duration: 01:21:00.67
  • converted: Duration: 00:10:23.27

2nd conversion video length

  • original: Duration: 00:10:23.27
  • converted: Duration: 00:10:23.27

So everything is working as expected there.

However do I see in your 1st conversion that’s there already an EDL file present which is used to cut your original video

INFORMATION> 2023-12-19T18:46:56 MCEBuddy.Engine.ConversionJob → Found existing EDL file and saved it
INFORMATION> 2023-12-19T18:47:20 MCEBuddy.CommercialScan.Scanner → Using EDL file for commercial removal
2023-12-19T18:47:20 MCEBuddy.CommercialScan.Scanner → Testing EDL File Validity
2023-12-19T18:47:20 MCEBuddy.CommercialScan.Scanner → ParseEDL: Cut Segment Start:0.000 End:766.226 Action:0
2023-12-19T18:47:20 MCEBuddy.CommercialScan.Scanner → ParseEDL: Cut Segment Start:1238.228 End:1369.730 Action:0
2023-12-19T18:47:20 MCEBuddy.CommercialScan.Scanner → ParseEDL: Cut Segment Start:1798.834 End:1920.035 Action:0
2023-12-19T18:47:20 MCEBuddy.CommercialScan.Scanner → ParseEDL: Cut Segment Start:2417.337 End:2609.139 Action:0
2023-12-19T18:47:20 MCEBuddy.CommercialScan.Scanner → ParseEDL: Cut Segment Start:3015.140 End:3136.141 Action:0
2023-12-19T18:47:20 MCEBuddy.CommercialScan.Scanner → ParseEDL: Cut Segment Start:3530.546 End:3642.147 Action:0
2023-12-19T18:47:20 MCEBuddy.CommercialScan.Scanner → ParseEDL: Cut Segment Start:4171.351 End:4860.000 Action:0

Since your 1st conversion is set to use markers it’s using the EDL file.

Yes I use the edl file to do my cuts - make them with your custom cuts app. Problem I’m seeing though is they are being cut twice. I watched a conversion and I probably missed a few of the items but this is basically what I saw and it did the cuts twice.

extracting closed captions
cutting commercials
analyzing video information
converting video file
cutting commercials…

I also don’t recall seeing the extracting closed captions before.

The problem I’m seeing is the 2 cutting sessions - an example for comparison, I ran a TS and EDL into that same profile on 2 computers, one with 2.5x and one with 2.6.2 and the one with 2.5.x gives me a 45 min video, but on 2.6 beta 2 i end up with a 20 minute video.
So not sure if there is some new setting that is triggering the 2nd cuts.
Magnum, P.I. (1980) - S04E21 - I Witness.ts-FullQualityGeneral-2023-12-21T21-08-28.log (8.9 MB)
I attached a log from today and if you look there are 2 places the cuts are occurring on lines:

Yes I noticed that issue from your logs and a fix was already in the works, it should be available soon.

Thanks for reporting this issue, the fix has been released in today’s 2.6.2 beta build