Load Balancing Across multiple Intel Cards

I have a system I’m using for transcoding that has two Intel Arc cards in it currently (soon to be 3).

By default when you have multiple encodes running in parallel all the jobs will use the same card. (this is a normal behavior in handbrake also apparently)

When using handbrake you can add a setting such as gpu=1 and it will use the gpu with the hardware index 1. This is a workaround I’ve found for manually spreading things out.

Is there any way to set MCE buddy up to spread the load across multiple GPUs?

I understand I could have different profiles use different GPUs, so different conversion tasks could theoretically use different GPUs.

Is there any way to give MCEbuddy a variable in the profile so it can spread things out.

I haven’t had any luck trying to find a way to have the intel drivers limit the number of conversions either.

That a cool idea. Other than multiple profiles and tasks to split it I don’t think there is a way to do this. Moving this over to a new feature request.

I wonder if there’s anything to be learned from how TDARR does it. Being able to load balance across cards or PC’s for that matter would be great!

Yes, a load balance solution across machines would be nice. I use a PowerShell script to split up my main drop location into sub folders that each machine monitors.

This serves as a good reminder to submit and vote for New Features under this thread.
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Get out there and vote! :smiley: