Upgrade installs instead of uninstall/install

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Summary of the suggestion:
Please add support for upgrading the version so we don’t have to uninstall/install.

This has been added in today’s 2.6.2 beta version, it will automatically uninstall the old version before uninstalling the new version. When prompted with shutting down mcebuddy, just click Continue and it should work. While this has been implemented it’s still recommended to manually uninstall the old version before uninstalling the new version as in certain limited circumstances the windows installer may have an issue enabling new features that the new installer may include.

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I had an error in the new beta that auto-uninstalls before installing the new version.
Had to do it the old fashioned way. It also didn’t stop the MCEBuddy service. I stopped it manually, but it still wouldn’t install.
I’m on Win10 22H2 19045.3693.

Just feedback. Hopefully this process will get worked out over the next couple of beta releases.

I tested yesterday’s build upgrading the November build. And it worked. I do wish it could stop the service to make it a little more seamless but if that is the limitation of the installer I understand.

Yes, if you’re upgrading from 2.6.1 or older you’ll have to uninstall the old version first or you’ll get a crash due to a missing dll. If you’re upgrading from 2.6.2 beta version of newer then it’s seamless.

Installed the 2.6.2 version (20231221) after uninstalling previous versions.
When I went to install the 2.6.2 20231225 version, it was “stuck” on the MCEBuddy service still blocking.
“retry” did not help. I went to services and manually stopped the service, and then when I selected “continue”, the installation proceeded normally from there.

I selected the “install for me” option for my MCEBuddy install.

Also, I have already installed the subtitle OCR extensions, but the install doesn’t turn that option off like it does with the comskip/ad removal choice optiions if you’ve selected your choice in a previous install. Do I need to keep turning it off or can I leave it on to re-install each time or does it not remember my previous choices in the config?

If the service was running then the previous version didn’t install completely. There was likely an error

Ideally pressing continue instead of will make stop the service.

That’s expected because when this isn’t a separate app but a plugin. When the previous version of MCEBuddy is installed it deletes the plugin and so it needs to be reinstalled