2.6.2 Release Notes

Premium version available via Premium Access Program

Trial version is available here

Changelog for 2.6.2 (64bit)


  1. Option to automatically download and install the OCR add-on files required to convert image based subtitles to text based subtitles.
  2. Added support for reading chapter files (MKV, MP4, XML, OGG, VTT, etc)
  3. Added support for processing embedded and external subtitles including SubRip (.srt), WebVTT (.vtt), Timed Text (.ttxt), YouTube (.xml), SubStationAlpha (.ass), DVB Teletext, Closed captions etc
  4. When only marking ads, the embedded chapters now contains the Advertisement chapter makers and Video chapter makers
  5. Show engine name in system tray icon status when connected to a remote engine
  6. Added support for AV1 hardware encoding for Intel, NVidia and AMD
  7. Added support for AV1 codec filter in metadata selection
  8. Added AV1 profiles
  9. Added option to force metadata lookup by Episode name, Season/Episode No or Original air date under Conversion task → Expert settings → Metadata corrections
  10. Upgrade to newer versions without uninstalling older versions of MCEBuddy starting 2.6.2 (2.6.1 or older must be uninstalled before installing 2.6.2)


  1. Fixed UI inconsistencies
  2. Fixed an issue with some log files not opening from the History page
  3. Fixed an issue with incorrect chapter markers causing video playback issues due to incorrect duration
  4. Fixed issue with 2 pass encoding when using ffmpeg
  5. HEVC MP4 profile renamed to MP4 HEVC to standardize naming formats (similarly for MKV & other HEVC profile)
  6. Fixed a bug with E-AC3 audio volume leveling
  7. Fixed issue with handbrake not selecting best audio track
  8. Fixed issue with not being able to process readonly EDL files
  9. Fixed issue with commercials being cut twice causing programs to be cut accidentally


  1. Updated documentation
  2. Added more language translations (130+)
  3. Subtitle extraction is enabled by default, added an option to Save subtitles to disk
  4. Improve metadata extraction from MP4 files to support more format from Playlater, MetaX, TVMosaic and more
  5. Automatically uninstall old version of MCEBuddy when trying to install a newer build (still recommended to manually uninstall old version)
  6. Now compatible with ffmpeg to 6.1
  7. Now compatible with handbrake to 1.7.2
  8. Retaining support for hardware encoding for older Intel chipsets starting with Sandy Bridge when using handbrake and ffmpeg
  9. Improved quality of AMD AMF hardware encoding
  10. Optimized video cropping and don’t overwrite profile crop parameters if present
  11. Reduce conversion time by reordering commercial cutting

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