2.6.1 Release Notes

NOTE: For ongoing support & development, starting major version 2.6.1, access to new releases (STABLE & BETA) will require a new license (those purchased on or after January 18th 2023)

Refer to 2.5.7 release notes for more details about legacy licenses.

Premium version available via Premium Access Program

Trial version is available here

Changelog for 2.6.1 (64bit)


  1. Added support for Windows 11
  2. Added support for extracting ad markers from cTiVO MP4 recordings
  3. Added options to specify custom cli parameters for Comskip in Conversion Tasks → Expert Settings


  1. Fix for identifying MP4 episode metadata (Streamfab and iTunes)
  2. Fix >10 metadata correction entries caused UI problems
  3. Fix for broken internet metadata matching and updates
  4. Fix for conversions failing when processing a read only file
  5. Improve detection and correction of IMDB id from metadata
  6. Fix IMDB metadata


  1. Fix for validating network paths
  2. Added support for 10K and 16K max resolution
  3. Use Alt + N to add new metadata correction row entry
  4. Added support for Basque, Faroese and Galician language translations
  5. Show network credential warning once per network path when adding files manually. Warnings are reset when MCEBuddy is closed or minimized
  6. Improve series premiere date (series air date) matching with TVDB
  7. Report status of rescan command when sent via CLI
  8. Updated base libraries, security and stability
  9. Allow for manual metadata corrections without downloading
  10. Improve pop up help on how to use regex to match and replace titles in manual metadata correction
  11. Added %imdbmovieid% - IMDb Movie ID, %movieid% - TMDB Movie ID, %seriesid% - TVDB Series ID patterns to custom renaming options
  12. Improved the CommandLine Engine status display to sync with the GUI
  13. Added support for 18 new language translations (total 129 languages)
  14. Speed up IMDB metadata for long running shows
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