2.4.7 Release Notes


Changelog for 2.4.7 (32bit and 64bit)


  1. Now checks new MCEBuddy website for update notifications, also notifies about BETA updates
  2. Added new language Bangla


  1. Updated Recording date/time to read as UTC but display as Local Times for WTV files
  2. Updated ccextractor to 0.85b to fix some issues with wtv subtitles and added support for more subtitles
  3. Fixed profile descriptions
  4. Fixed issue with not selecting right profile parameters for non ac3 audio
  5. Fixed IMDB, new engine for IMDB metadata matching
  6. Fixed an issue with history button not working when there was an invalid history file


  1. Added support for Channels DVR
  2. Updated metadata library
  3. Updated MediaInfo to 0.94 to fix crash with some files
  4. Update Comskip to version 0.81.098 to fix Comskip crashes and improve performance
  5. Archive Original and Move Failed now overwrite any destination files of the same name
  6. The default Max Resolution is now set to 1920 (1080p) to support HD recordings
  7. Added support for extracting more metadata from filenames e.g. Elementary 2x22 Paint It Black.mp4
  8. Brand new configuration engine, better equipped to handle corrupted settings and history files. Improves stability and reliability and unlimited file entries
  9. Improved extraction of subtitles from MKV files
  10. Updated MKVExtract to v13.0
  11. Added support to extract OCR and DVBSUB subtitles. See this post on how to enable it.

Available through the Premium Access Program downloads

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