2.5.7 Release Notes

Premium version available through the Premium Access Program

Trial version is available here

Changelog for 2.5.7 (64bit)


  • Added support for Streamfab metadata
  • Double click on item in conversion queue to open file in folder
  • Added pop up list of metadata variables for Custom renaming patterns while typing
  • 116 language translations
  • Added ability detect and retain qualifiers (cc, forced, sdh etc) in .SRT subtitles


  • Check for empty files (0 bytes) before processing them
  • Fix for endless re-conversions if destination directory name ends with a .
  • Fix where converted files are reconverted again leading to a potential infinite conversion loop when the system is under heavy stress
  • Fix downscaling when using ffmpeg profiles and hardware encoding fails
  • Allow Ctrl+V for TVDB Id in metadata corrections
  • Allow Season 0 in custom renaming pattern
  • Fix IMDB metadata
  • Fix issue with QSV hardware encoding when using HEVC profiles and unsupported presets


  • Optimize IMDB to reduce traffic and speed up metadata matching
  • Handle malformed SRT and IDX subtitle files better
  • Extracting dvbsub subtitles from MP4 files (OCR requires Tessdata)
  • Updated ccextractor to 0.93
  • TV.com is defunct, remove it to save time
  • Create apple compatible H.265 video profiles (use hvc1 instead of hev1)
  • Improve metadata matching logic for more accurate matches
  • Update filenames format to be more compatible with Plex for improved subtitle matching