2.4.8 Release Notes

(RBoy) #1


Changelog for 2.4.8 (32bit and 64bit)


  1. Added support for QuickSync hardware decoding and improved support for advanced options like bframes
  2. Added support for reading and writing MKV metadata
  3. Added support for filtering by codecs in Conversion tasks (MPEG2, MPEG4, MPEGH and Others)
  4. Automatic detection and optimization of hardware decoding
  5. Added option to use existing markers/EDL files for cutting commercials instead of detecting using Comskip or Showanalyzer


  1. Improved error handling for missing data in IMDB
  2. Updated Handbrake to fix memory leak for some malformed videos
  3. Fixed an issue with hardware encoding is prematurely terminated when the “Hang Period” is set to 0 (disabled)
  4. Fix for not removing files from the manual queue if they are deleted or don’t exist
  5. Fixed a bug where the user selected audio language track was not honoured when trimming is enabled
  6. Fixed an issue with looking metadata with titles containing the letter & and ?
  7. Fixed TMDB lookup not working always and improved speed
  8. Fix for Chapter marker adjustments when commercials are cut
  9. Bugfix for conversion failed when entire file is detected as commercials, instead ignore it and don’t cut any commercials
  10. HDHomeRun DVR uses UTF-8 for metadata
  11. Fix for detecting H.265 Quicksync
  12. Fix very rare issue when multiple files are added one is skipping due to locked settings file


  1. Updated MediaInfo to 0.7.97 to fix hang with some files
  2. Check for invalid character in CustomCommandPath and remove if found to avoid failure
  3. MCEBuddy now checks for files every 1 minute instead of every 5 minutes for new installations by default (System Settings -> Poll Period)
  4. Added warning when users change sensitive system settings
  5. Allow up to 8 digits for season and episode while parsing for metadata
  6. Disable the X window button on the main page, use only Close button or Minimize button
  7. Do not start duplicate instance of MCEBuddy status application if its’ already running
  8. When users select an Unprocessed profile, disable options that aren’t relevant
  9. Don’t allow users to do path related actions when using a remote client to avoid confusion
  10. Added mute option for CustomCuts
  11. Updated MKV tools to v17
  12. Custom build of Comskip donator version 0.82.003 with hardware acceleration and additional file format support
  13. Delete empty folder up to monitoring root folder when archiving original files (make it more compatible with Plex)
  14. Added support to read Emby style metadata from filename in the format <Show name> <original broadcast date> - <Episode name>
  15. Added HDHomeRun H.265 profile
  16. Allow up to 50 maximum concurrent conversions
  17. Optimize Comskip performance
  18. Faster NvEnc conversions, updated ffmpeg
  19. Added Tamil translations
  20. Improved metadata downloading and matching
  21. Save history window column size and order when changed by user
  22. Add subtitles and Add chapters are now separate options in Conversion Task -> Expert Settings

Available through the Premium Access Program downloads