2.4.9 Release Notes

(Goose) #1


This will likely be the last 32bit release of MCEBuddy

Changelog for 2.4.9 (32bit and 64bit)


  1. Added support for Icelandic
  2. Added support for Telegu
  3. Allow relative paths in destination folder
  4. Added option to adjust Minimum commercial duration to cut in Settings -> System Settings
  5. Added support for file size filters in Conversion Task -> Expert Settings
  6. Added support for matching filepath instead of filename using the path: tag in the search pattern
  7. Start multiple remote clients (from multiple directories) to connect to multiple engines
  8. Added parameter in custom command %convertedfilename% - Name of the converted file (without the path or extension)
  9. Added support for profile option DisableDVRMSStreamsRemuxing=true to skip using stream for remixing DVRMS files
  10. Added support for subtitle languages for Plex and Serviio


  1. Handler malformed closed captions/SRT files better
  2. Check for updates
  3. Check if chapters are ad markers and skip them if EDL markers are present
  4. Limit UPnP discovery to only WAN devices and set discovery response timeout to 60 seconds at a time to work around CETON TV Tuner firmware bug
  5. Don’t delete root monitoring folder when archiving / deleting original files
  6. Adjust chapter markers when using a saved EDL file and trimming the original video
  7. Fix for extra segments being cut off under certain conditions
  8. Fix metadata matching with IMDB and TV
  9. Improve handling of malformed chapters and fix chapter name
  10. Fix for custom Comskip INI skip field values not being preserved
  11. Improved handling of ffmpeg errors
  12. On some servers MCEBuddy engine didn’t start after a reboot since it depends on other windows services which hadn’t started, it now starts as a Delayed Service
  13. Fix custom file renaming when the only difference between the original and destination filenames is the letter case
  14. Fixed an issue where setting a Cut start value in Conversion task -> Expert settings would accidentally cut that amount before each commercial segment


  1. Honor user preference of encode if both handbrake and ffmpeg support hardware encoding
  2. Handle comskip errors better
  3. Save SeriesPremiereDate on partial but confirmed match
  4. Don’t skip the initial few seconds, encoders can handle corrupted data
  5. Upgraded MP4Box to 0.7.2-DEV-rev461-g01391a0c
  6. Improved processing of Kodi (XBMC) metadata
  7. Improve performance of UI
  8. Improve processing metadata from filename with special characters
  9. Only enforce minimum segment size if commercials are being cut
  10. Show different system tray icons for disconnected, stopped, idle, paused and active conversions
  11. Improve performance while monitoring large directories
  12. Streamlined setup process, now you have check boxes instead of prompts for optional components

Available through the Premium Access Program downloads