In-app update

MCEBuddy Version:

Operating System:

Summary of the suggestion:
Provide an in-app update feature. Something that can check for updates (option for stable or beta) and could download and install. The install part would depend on other feature request for install to support updating without having to manually uninstall first.

If there’s an update available it’ll show up on the top of the screen in the scrolling announcement bar like show below.


If you’re running a stable release version, it’ll only show when a new stable release is available. If you’re running a beta version it’ll show you when a new beta release is available (after 24 hours).

Regarding the one step installer, we’re working on it. Given the way MCEBuddy is installed as a service and how it’s setup, we need to remove all old files before installing the new version. The current windows installer has a few limitations on that front but we’re making progress.

You can try the latest beta installer and it should automatically uninstall the old version during installation. Try it out and let us know your feedback. Be sure to backup you config directory before doing so just incase you encounter an error (which is known to happen).

Thank you. I’d like something built into the GUI that would download latest and kick off the install.