Export/Inport Configs

I would like a quick way to export & import MCEBuddy configurations.
I know that it will pull in old configurations if you reinstall, also you can manually go in and do this. I find it to be a bit troublesome at times.
This will come in handy if I want to try and change some of my conversion processes but then realize that it’s not quite what I wanted. with this, I could quickly get back to the way things were.
would also help with migrating from one machine to another.

It would be nice if there was a way to export (perhaps through a button) the current configuration and have it saved to a zip or single file somewhere. Then also be able to import that file to restore a configuration that was saved.

I just open MCEBuddy and click on “logs”. It opens a file explorer in the “logs” folder under MCEBuddy’s program installation folder. I just go up one level to the main MCEBuddy2x folder and then down into the “config” folder. Then just copy the “mcebuddy.conf” and the “profiles.conf” configuration files to wherever I want to back them up. Easy-peasy and done.

ProTip: When you make a backup of a file, I like to add the date (in “-YYYY-MM-DD” format so it will sort naturally in chronological order) to the filename as a suffix. The only trick is to remember to rename it to the original filename if you ever restore it or replace the original. This makes it easy to track multiple copies of the file after changes are made. It’s simple and obvious versioning. Sometimes I leave the versioned file alongside the real one in use to know which version of the configurations I’m using. It comes in handy when testing changes.

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