Upgrade question

(Un4givn85) #1

Hey guys, I have been on 2.4.7 for quite some time now due to installation problems and the change of hardware conversion order that I just found out about on the forum here.
Now that I know about that, is it worth the risk of breaking the app again and losing my configurations just to be on the latest and greatest version?

(Goose) #2

Personal choice. We’ve never had issues with any upgrades and we test it multiple times a day.
If there are issues it’s usually related to a corrupted installation or file system/registry.

You can see the latest BETA release notes and see if you need any of the fixes enhancements. The latest BETA is extremely stable and about ready for a final release.

(Un4givn85) #3

Thanks for the response.
Should I decide to try it again, how would I go about backing up and restoring the configurations for the monitoring and conversion tasks?

(Goose) #4

MCEBuddy backs it up and restores it.
As safety you can also back it up. See this post