Upgrading from Older Versions of MCEBuddy


  • If your CURRENT installed version is 2.2.3 or newer MCEBuddy preserves the History file and transfers the settings from your MCEBuddy.conf while uninstalling/reinstalling. MCEBuddy also backsup the configuration files (mcebuddy.conf and profiles.conf) as a safety measure. The files are placed in the installation directory with an “.old” extension. PLEASE DO NOT BLINDLY REPLACE THE NEW CONFIGURATION FILES WITH THE OLD FILES AS PARAMETERS IN THE NEW FILES ARE ADDED/UPDATED WITH EACH RELEASE.

    NOTE 1: All the configuration files are stored in the installation config directory (usually C:\Program Files\MCEBuddy2x\config ) - you will have to check where MCEBuddy was installed

    NOTE 2: The backup configuration files saved by MCEBuddy, when uninstalled, are stored in the folder %HOMEPATH% (this is a windows variable, just type that into your Run prompt or Windows Explorer). The following 3 files if found, mcebuddy.conf , profiles.conf and history are the backup files which are read and restored when a new version of MCEBuddy is installed

  • If your CURRENT installed version is 2.2.6 or newer MCEBuddy preserves the Comskip.ini file restores the file while uninstalling/reinstalling. (as of 2.3.1 it is restored as comskip.ini.old)

  • If your CURRENT installed version is 2.2.1 or older then you need to manually backup and restore the coniguration files (mcebuddy.conf and profiles.conf) if you wish to preserve your settings.

  • If you CURRENT installed version is 2.1.5 or older, if you would like to MCEBuddy NOT to re-convert all your files again, make a backup copy of the History file in the config directory (C:\Program Files\MCEBuddy\config\History) before uninstalling the old version and restore it back there after installing the new version.

  • If you CURRENT installed version is 2.1.5 or older, delete the MCEBuddy installation directory C:\Program Files\MCEBuddy after uninstalling MCEBuddy and before installing the new version