Downloading MCEBuddy and Premium Access Program

We want to thank you all for your support to keep MCEBuddy going.

Given the ongoing hardware/software costs to develop, support and test MCEBuddy, we will be spending limited time on making free releases.


A fully functional trial version of MCEBuddy’s latest stable release is available to download.

It has all the features of the premium version with a 15 days or 25 conversions (whichever comes first) trial period.


We are introducing the PREMIUM ACCESS PROGRAM for users who want all the unrestricted versions, remote clients, beta builds, premium access to bug fixes, features and support.

Once you join the program you will receive an email your personal username and password. You can access the premium access servers below:


UserId/Password: < emailed to you >

RETRIEVE LOST UserId/Password:

Enter the email address from which the payment was made and your username and password will be instantly mailed to the same eMail address. (don’t forget to check your SPAM folder).

Thank you all once again for your support.


  • Follow the instructions on our website to make the payment and receive your login/password via eMail (check your spam folder and typically within an hour)
  • Click on the following link from your browser
  • Enter the Username and Password from the Premium Access eMail (the username and password are the same) you received when you contributed.
  • Choose the Release version or BETA version folder (BETA is usually very stable)
  • Click and download the appropriate file
  • Open the download zip file, extract the contents to your computer and perform the installation, don’t forget to uninstall any old versions of MCEBuddy prior to installing the new version.