Destination Path is wrong, Using GUI

I am trying to learn how to use MCEB.
I’m brand new and know nothing, so please be gentle.

I am using the GUI to look at one specific folder, find any TS files and convert them to MP4.

It finds the file, converts the file, removes the TS file, BUT it stores the MP4 file in a new folder that MCEB creates.

Pre process
pre buddy

Post process

Notice the new folder and missing TS file.
The MP4 file is in the new folder.

I found this in the log file (attached) which I think shows the reason why.

INFORMATION> --> Task -> Convert to MP4
Profile -> MP4 Normal
Source File -> E:\Media\Brenda OPB\Oregon Field Guide (2019)\Season 2020\Oregon Field Guide (2019) - 2020-04-22 11 00 00 - Oregon Field Guide.ts
Relative Source Path ->
Destination Path -> E:\Media\Brenda OPB\Oregon Field Guide (2019)\Season 2020
Working Path -> C:\Program Files\MCEBuddy2x\working0

What have I missed?

Thanks, Fred

Oregon Field Guide (2019) - 2020-04-22 11 00 00 - Oregon Field Guide.ts-Convert to MP4-2020-04-23T09-09-50.log (972.4 KB)

You’ve enabled the rename by series option which creates folders (which is enabled by default)

Rename by Series → True
Alt Rename by Series → True

Uncheck the renaming option and it wont’ create any folders:

Did that, put the TS file back and I can not get MCEB to start.
Tried Rescan button, but it is showing Idle.
Do I need to delete the old log file?


MCEBuddy keeps a history of all converted files. It won’t automatically reconvert a monitored file unless you remove it from the History (otherwise things can get into an infinite conversion loop) or manually add it back.

You can either:

  1. Manually drag/add the file to the queue
  2. Click on the history link on the top left corner of the GUI, find the converted file, delete the history entry for that file and then tap rescan

The Reconvert and Clear History buttons are grayed out in History.
I’m running the Trial Version.
Deleted the log file for that conversion, it didn’t help.
Just did the drag and drop.
Does that run the whole sequence?

90% success.
Did the conversion,right filename, right place, but it didn’t move the TS file to the archive.
Might be because it was still in the archive folder.

Thanks for all the help.
I needed it. :slight_smile:

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Yes some features are reserved for the premium version :slight_smile:

Clears that mystery…
I’ll try another couple of folders and see how it goes.
Then off to the task of integrating into Plex post-processing.

Thanks again for the help.