Migration from CodePlex

Since Codeplex has decided to shutdown MCEBuddy has moved the support forum and new release information to this forum:


Those who are using 2.4.6 or older versions are encouraged to upgrade to 2.4.7 or newer versions. 2.4.6 and older versions will no longer be supported by our team as it’s has dependencies the old Codeplex server.

Please visit http://premiumaccess.mcebuddy2x.com to download the latest versions.

If you have lost your premium access username and password you can retrieve them from http://password.mcebuddy2x.com

If you don’t have access to the Premium Access Program, please see www.mcebuddy2x.com to see how to get access to the Premium Access Program.

Please see this forum for all new information, support requests, reporting bugs, requesting features and in general interacting with the MCEBuddy community.

A good place to start would be here: