2.5.6 Release Notes

Premium version available through the Premium Access Program

Trial version is available here

Changelog for 2.5.6 (64bit)


  • Added translation for 27 new languages
  • Added option to select EDL format (Cut/Skip) when created using Custom Cuts
  • Added Video width filter to Conversion task


  • Fix an issue introduced in 2.5.5 where the client uses excessive CPU for some computers when the engine is idle and the client window is open
  • Log errors and continue monitor task file scanning after encountering invalid files/directories
  • Resume paused conversions on A/C power only if Suspend on battery is enabled
  • Fix EDLP file not being used even when forced
  • Custom cuts: Take the timestamp from the slider, even if windows is not rendering video at the exact timestamp on the screen


  • Show warning in GUI if manually dragged files/folders have reading errors

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