2.5.3 Release Notes

Premium version available through the Premium Access Program

Trial version is available here


  • Improve hardware encoder performance
  • Added support for more TiVO devices
  • Improved metadata and library management

Changelog for 2.5.3 (64bit)


  1. Double click on conversion in the history page to open the log file
  2. Added support for pyTivo
  3. Added Irish, Portuguese, Maori, Punjabi, Malayalam and Kannada locales


  1. Allow user to change Select Best soundtrack option when using an Unprocessed profile
  2. Only extract subtitle tracks which match the selected audio language
  3. Custom Cuts, reset cut selection when an invalid end point is clicked


  1. Updated handbrake to release 1.3.1 for improved hardware encoding performance
  2. Allow editing of marked cuts in CustomCuts
  3. Improve reading malformed metadata tags
  4. Speed up manually adding/dragging large folders
  5. Speed up Intel QuickSync hardware conversions
  6. Custom Cuts, copy time to clipboard when the slider is manually adjusted
  7. Support next generation TiVO devices
  8. Improve extracting metadata from Plex filenames
  9. Allow separate network credential for each network path