2.5.4 release? Or is announcement version correct?

I noticed the Announcement of 2.5.3 on 2020-03-27, but the premium download location indicates the version is 2.5.4. Am I seeing correctly? I was also used to the release date embedding in the premium download file, but no big deal.

Keep up the good work and stay safe and healthy, Goose.

Weird, now the files are back to renamed as 2.5.3. Does that mean that 2.5.3 is now “final”?
Should we expect the start of a 2.5.4 beta will be up soon?

Again, keep up the good work and stay safe and healthy.

It looks like the 2.5.4 betas are now started up. One minor nit - please go back to just the dash not surrounded by spaces in the filenames like it was before.