New license

Your trial version may have expired. You can try uninstalling the trial version completely. I recommend using an uninstaller tool that can look for any traces of MCEBuddy trial version registration and remove them as well.

One such open source and free uninstaller tool is BC Uninstaller, at the expected web address,

The user interface is a little complicated, but you can scroll through the applications and find MCEBuddy and uninstall it. The defaults are safe in that you won’t delete system components by mistake, and after the main uninstall, BC Uninstaller will ask you to do some extra digging in the registry and the disk to find where MCEBuddy saves previous install information in order to “know” you’ve installed it and your 15 days/comversion are up.

Unless MCEBuddy now uses an online activation system that is tied to your email address or some kind of computer fingerprint like lots of other software does.

Basically, MCEBuddy thinks you’re trying to get around the 15 day/conversion limit of the trial, and that’s expired.

Maybe Goose can reset your trial license if that is the case and the uninstall procedure doesn’t work.

That said it really is an amazing application and absolutely worth the price of the annual subscription. But I do understand you need to know if it will work for you or not before plunking down some cash for it.

As for the subscription, your last version of MCEBuddy you get doesn’t stop working in any way - you just can’t download any newer versions. That’s all that’s different.