MCE v2.4.10 not converting videos

I’ve had my setup working for a while now. I haven’t done any changes to it.
Up until the 26/09, my conversion process was working fine for a TV Recording. But last week it stopped working, no apparent reason. I’ve tried to convert the files by manually adding them to MCE, it looks like it’s processing but at the end of the process there’s no output on the output folder.
I grabbed the last working recording and re-processed it and it worked fine, so I don’t know why the new recordings are not been processed. haven’t seen any different in the logs.
Home And Away_20190926_19001930.ts-WORKED.log (358.4 KB) Home And Away_20190930_19001932.ts-NOT WORKED.log (364.2 KB) mcebuddy-TRIMMED.log (34.4 KB)

If it’s failed, then you’ll see why at the bottom of the logs. Search for ERROR>

MCEBuddy.AppWrapper.CCExtractor --> 6% | 02:01
–> Process exited with code 255
ERROR> --> CCExtractor failed to extract closed captions
ERROR> 2019-10-10T09:09:03 MCEBuddy.Engine.ConversionJob --> Extracting closed captions failed

If you have the original file that failed please upload it to our server so we can analyze it and possibly have a fix for it

Both log files have the same error message, but the first one worked.
I have the files, but they are large .ts files. Where do I upload them?

You can find the instructions here:

Thanks Goose,
I’ve uploaded 1 chunk of each file, not sure if that’s enough. can upload the whole file if needed.

Yes in this case I’ll need the whole file since the failure may not be at the beginning

Files are uploaded

Thanks, there’s an issue with the underlying ccextractor, we’ve put a workaround and it should work in the next BETA build.

does that mean that if I remove the extracting subtitles from the process for now, it should work?

You can download the latest beta build and it should work