Upgraded from 2.4.9 Beta Sept 9 to 2.4.9 and metadata no longer downloads

So I have been using the 2.4.9 Sept 9 beta successfully for a few months now and everything has been working well with exception that sometimes MCEBuddy downloads(?) empty series poster artwork and I have to replace the 0k jpg with the proper one from TheTVDB manually.

However, everything else was working.

Now after installing the final 2.4.9 x64 build of MCEBuddy last night, none of my files are being updated with the program metadata – ie; no metadata inside mkv files, no posters, episode titles aren’t added, etc.

If my origin episode is titled, The Flash s01e01 - Pilot.mkv the output from MCEBuddy the output is s01e01 - - Pilot.mkv. It adds a hyphen to the output thinking that the first hyphen was part of the name and not a separator.

alternatively, other files are creating new series folders with the series name and episode
\Television Series\The Flash s05e08\Season\se00 -.mkv

I didn’t notice this issue until this evening when I saw odd appearences show up in my Plex TV collection. There were only about a dozen episodes processed since the update, but every one was incorrect.
Since my each episode goes through 2 stages of MCEBuddy conversion before they get to my collection, and only the original wtv files are preserved, I had a bunch of re-encoding and converting to do again but that was simply a matter of clearing my history in MCEBuddy and placing my wtv files back in the Rec TV folder.

However, I would like to keep my MCEBuddy software up to date and use the most current version.

Does this problem sound familiar to anyone?

As I said, my wtv files go through two passes through MCEBuddy
Pass 1 = MKV Unprocessed with Comskip. This places the commercial free episode into my folder for HW conversion using A’s Video Converter (AMD Chipset)
Pass 2 = Also MKV Unprocessed w/o Comskip. This takes the transcoded file, adds back the missing series metadata, renames the file and places it in my TV series folder(s).

Logs? I’m sorry to say that the logs all got deleted when I uninstalled 2.4.9 and replaced it with the Sept build.

System Windows 10 x64
Firewall has MCEBuddy exceptions and even tried a conversion the Firewall disabled.

I was eager to try the newest version because of the whole Plex ‘unknown language’ issue! Yikes that is so much more annoying now that Plex automatically goes online to find subtitles which never match my recordings or are no more than SPAM.


Can you attach your conversion log file, looks like the filename parsing may be an issue. That’s an extra - in there which is making the episode name as - Pilot and hence it isn’t matching anything on the internet.

Thanks for the reply Goose, yes, that’s exactly what I think is happening.

Right now, I don’t have the time to re-install the final 2.4.9 build again to test/gather the info you are requesting.

(It would be nice if MCEBuddy would also retain the Image Cache (poster art) and logs – as “updating” would normally do. Perhaps an option during uninstall to save that data to a compressed file?)

When I get some time I will install the latest avail MCEBuddy on my system. Then when/if the errors continue, I will save the logs before downgrading to the Sept beta. (I already did two complete re-installs fo 2.4.9 – the 2nd time I rebooted several times before uninstalling and again after installing it.

At the minimum need the exact filenames which are failing and also what’s your setup? What are you using for recording and how is the naming convention setup in the recording software?

Ideally the name should be either

The Flash S1E1 Pilot


The Flash - S1E1 - Pilot

Symmetry is important otherwise MCEBuddy thinks the - is part of the Title or subtitle if it’s one sided.

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Thanks Goose, I wasn’t aware of the symmetry requirement! I don’t know if this has ever caused an issue before; I have totally destroyed that rule with my TV library!

Moving forward, this added knowledge will likely come in handy some late, late night behind the keyboard.

This knowledge will come in handy when I push my TV collection with over 23K episodes (900+ series) back through MCEBuddy to re-mux the audio language from Unknown, to English – for Plex.tv sake. :wink:

%showname%\Season %season%**s%season%##e%episode%## - %episodename%

Check out this topic for more details on various types of naming conventions supported. Earlier in the BETA version MCEBuddy did process some unsymmterical names but it was causing an issue for some shows which really have a - or a special character at the beginning of the title or end of the show name. Hence we enforced the symmetry requirements since most recording software use symmetry in their naming conventions.

See specifically point 5:

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In today’s 2.4.10 BETA build, MCEBuddy should be able to read asymmetrical - in the filenames while extracting metadata. This only applies to the - character.