Incorrect Metadata on TV Possibly due to Generic Episode Names

Wondering if there is a better way to handle file naming because I’m getting incorrect metadata. Pretty sure I’ve run into this befo
Shetland (2013) - s08e01 - Episode 1.mp4-FixTitleTV-2023-12-10T19-47-49.log (151.8 KB)
re on shows where they don’t have ‘proper’ names
For example a file named like this
Shetland (2013) - s08e01 - Episode 1.mp4

In the logs it is showing season 8 but it’s retrieving the description from Season 1 - Episode 1 instead of Season 8 - Episode 1, but otherwise it’s got the right into. It’s done the same for other episodes. Not seeing any other noticeable errors in the log.

Yes that’s the issue, it’s matching by episode name first as that’s the most common way to match shows. This topic outlines the order of matching used by MCEBuddy: Metadata matching, extraction, renaming from files and downloading from the Internet

One thing you can try is to change the matching order from Name to AirDate in the Metadata corrections page from the Conversion task → Expert settings page although I think that may not solve your issue either since you don’t have an original broadcast date/time either.

This may need a new feature to allow users to select episode/season number as the matching priority rather than just name or date.

ok I guess I’ll have to keep watch when I run into these. Problem is they are usually shows from years past so either i look them up or maybe i can get rename my tv series to do it but it sometimes messes up the premier year so not sure how trustworthy it is.

I’ve moved this to feature request. In today’s 2.6.2 beta build we’ve added an option to allow you to force the metadata matching method. You now have 3 options to choose from under Conversion task → Expert settings → Metadata corrections:

  • Episode name
  • Season/Episode no
  • Original air date

In your case you can choose Season/episode no and it should fix your issue where you have the same episode name across multiple seasons.

Let me know how it goes.

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I’ll give it a try shortly but have a secondary question. I tend to avoid upgrades because of customizations I have in profiles.conf - is there a way to not lose my customcommands and postcustomcommands during an upgrade. Last few times I’ve upgraded I’m backing up the file, then going thru the sections and recopying the commands back in instead of just copying the entire file back as I’m not sure when/if you might make changs.

Yes, you can make a copy of your profiles.conf file and put it in a folder outside the mcebuddy installation folder (e.g. C:\MCEBuddyCustom). Then configure MCEBuddy to point to your custom profiles.conf from the System Settings → Profiles.conf page, this way when you upgrade there are no changes required (you however won’t get any changes made to the profiles.conf when mcebuddy is updated, althrough that’s pretty rare like in 2.6.2 when we added new AV1 profiles).

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mcebuddy.log (651.2 KB)
I tried the upgraded version but getting a crash on the MCEbuddy engine. I attached the log - sounds like maybe I’m missing a dll possibly.
In this case the task I was running is not doing any converting - only trying to rename some previously converted files that i found had wrong info.
As far as I can see the change did appear to work - the crash looks to be happening after the file finishes and in this case I’ve tried it twice and I’ve got 2 outputted file.
I’ll try an actual conversion later as I’m currently running into it not picking up the file I put in my conversion directory (i cleared the history) so need to double check the settings but it’s weird because in the log (not the attached one) there doesn’t seem to be any reference to any scanning.

I did an uninstall and reinstall and seems ok now - ran a few files thru and no crashes. The season/episode prioritizing also looks to be good, I re-ran a show with generic episode names’ season 2 thru and the descriptions now appear to be correct. Thanks.

I was able to replicate the issue, if you’re “upgrading” directly from 2.6.1 or earlier without uninstalling then one of the dll’s doesn’t get installed correctly which causes the crash. The new “upgrade” feature will only work start with 2.6.2+, so if you’re on 2.6.1 or earlier you’ll have to first uninstall MCEBuddy and then re-install 2.6.2. 2.6.2 to 2.6.3 should be a simpler upgrade.

Hi, yeah I think I forgot to do the uninstall first time. Have a different issue with this beta, but I’ll start a new topic as it’s not metadata related.