Issue with Episode naming/information when premiere year is in the title

Just noticed since late last season that some of the episodes for certain shows are incomplete. While it looks like information is actually parsed it seems there is an issue with lookup. I have attached log for viewing.The Flash 2014 S06E03.mkv-Convert from MKV-2019-10-25T17-41-47.6097127-04-00.log (1.4 MB)

Thanks in advance

Looks like it may have to do with the ‘Year’ tagged at the end of show name?

Possibly, I would recommend updating the latest 2.5.1 beta which has significant improvements to metadata matching and extraction and supports years in the filename title for movies.

If you’re still having and issue attach the new logs. Where did you record this file or get the name? You can also correct the name using the metadata correction page and use a regex to remove the extra stuff from the name with the latest 2.5.1 beta builds

Thanks. Will pull down the beta version and test in near future. Interesting this is that this was working fine for awhile. It does seem, though, to be an issue with all shows that have years after them. Looks like it actually started in the middle of May if I look at my library. Seeing it on Charmed 2018, The Flash 2014, The Goldbergs 2013. Will have to check files without dates.

In today’s 2.5.1 beta build we’ve added support to read the Premiere year from the series title. You can download it and try it out, it should work fine.

Testing now… Found an anomaly though. Looks like the profiles.conf gets completely overwritten which means any ‘custom’ profiles go away. I did a straight copy/paste from one I saved but most jobs failed using that profile. Since I use ffmpeg for these conversions noticed a setting changed in audio encoder line. Fixed and now running some tests to verify that was the issue.

So even though the premiere year is recognized in the series title it is not carried over on the renaming on the of the file/directory. So if show is ‘The Flash 2014’ it will process the files but the directory created will still be ‘The Flash’ and the subsequent files will be ‘The Flash S01E04’. Before 2.5.1 it would not match show but the files would be ‘The Flash 2014 S01E04 -.mp4’

That series name is The Flash, so it’s removing the 2014 from the Title (and saving it in the Premiere year) as it doesn’t belong in the title (otherwise it won’t match with TVDB etc)
If you want the premiere year in the converted filename, just use a custom renaming option and add %permiereyear% to the pattern.

I guess i’m not sure what changed in that this use to work. All the shows that have the date at the end are because these are ‘refreshed’ shows. Charmed 2018 is a reboot of the original Charmed just as The Flash 2014 is a reboot of an older version of The Flash. The Goldbergs 2013 is a version of The Goldbergs (I guess from the UK ?) If you look at TVDB, there is a 2014, 1990, and 1967 version. The 2014 version is here. The Flash (2014) -

What appears to have changed is the way TVDB and others are matching and returning results. When searching for The Flash 2014, TVDB returns nothing anymore which is why it stopped working in your first post.

Also it returns The Flash to MCEBuddy as the title after a search which is why you see as The Flash, TVDB shows different names on it’s website and it’s API’s because the registered name for the series is The Flash, even though it’s a reboot.

Which is why MCEBuddy allows you to customize the name to suit your needs as explained in my last post, so your custom renaming patter would look something like %showname% (%premiereyear%) - S%season%##E%episode%## - %episodename% to get what you need. When you enter your custom naming pattern in MCEBuddy it’ll show you a preview (template) of what you should see in the end if all the information is available.

Thanks… Makes sense now… It was TVDB that was the issue. Question though. I take it that if
I had a file called The Flash 1990 TVDB would know how to match it based on date in title but would still return without the date ?

If you’re querying it through the API it won’t accept the The Flash 1990 but when it matches the The Flash it’ll return multiple matches each with the name The Flash and then you’ll have to figure out which is which (that’s where MCEBuddy does it’s metadata stuff).