File renaming doesn't always work properly

I’m using this to rename my destination files.

%ismovie%<Movies\%showname% (%airyear%),TV Shows\%showname% (%premiereyear%)\Season %season%\%showname% (%premiereyear%) - s%season%##e%episode%## %episodename%>

I’ve not had a chance to try this on a movie yet, but I would expect my TV Shows structure to look like this.

TV Shows\Showname (YEAR)\Season #\Showname (YEAR) - s##e## Episode name

On a lot of my shows this works as I expect it. However, on others I get this:

TV Shows\Showname - s##e##\Season\Showname - s##e## - se00

For example, my Game of Thrones comes in like this.

TV Shows\Game Of Thrones - s07e06 ()\Season\Game Of Thrones - s07e06 () - se00

Any ideas why this might be happening?

Sounds like for those shows the metadata is either missing or MCEBuddy isn’t able to read/process it. (season 0 episode 0 etc)

Unfortunately without the conversion logs attached there no way to see what’s going on.

i found this in the logs.

–> Custom Renaming Command -> TV Shows%showname% (%premiereyear%)\Season %season%%showname% (%premiereyear%) - s%season%##e%episode%## %episodename%>
WARNING> --> Cannot find PremiereYear
WARNING> --> Cannot find Season No
WARNING> --> Cannot find PremiereYear
WARNING> --> Cannot find Season No
WARNING> --> Cannot find Episode Name

i recorded these from netflix using playon. i figured all that metadata would be there. so then my next question would be, how do i add it?

Attach your log so we can see why the data is unavailable. You’ll have to see the metadata extraction section.

I actually figured out that there was a new version of Playon that seemed to fix the missing metadata. However, now I have a new problem. For example, I’m recording the 2014 version of the flash, but it keeps renaming them to the 1990 version. I’ll attach a log file for one of them. I’m not sure what I’m looking for to know why that’s happening.
The Flash - s01e11 The Sound and the Fury.mp4-Convert to M4V-2018-12-25T17-03-13.1654014-06-00.log (878.4 KB)

Hmm, I see a couple of things happening

  1. Your filename is using asymmetrical naming, there’s a - after the title but not after the S/E. @Goose can you look into this and see if we can find a long term solution?

  2. It appears to be matching with an older 1990 version of Flash because TVDB doesn’t seem to have the latest version

Fixed, try today’s 2.4.10 BETA build and see if it fixes your issue. Now it should be able to read asymmetrical - in the filenames while extracting metadata. This only applies to the - character.

Downloading it now. I’ll let you know.

This appears to have fixed the flash. I do have issues with other shows where the logs say it can’t find the premiereyear, but then names the show like this. Showname (year) (). Not the end of my world but still strange.

Feel free to upload the conversion log so we can see what’s going on

Alice (1976) - S03E01 - Take Him He’s Yours.ts-Convert to M4V-2018-12-28T19-31-35.3047513-06-00.log (831.0 KB)

Here you go.

@Goose can you see if we can parse the premier year from the filename

Here’s another example of not only a movie being renamed incorrectly, but it stripped out all but a minute or so of the show.The Mummy (2017).mp4-Convert to M4V-2019-01-04T07-29-20.8696695-06-00.log (523.7 KB)

This feature has been added in today’s build. It can now read the Premiere Year from the Showname title e.g. Alice (1976) - S03E01 - Episode name

Just curious how much of the file renaming is based on the source file name versus the metadata in the file? I’m getting lots of errors if they aren’t named right to begin with.

There is an priority order that is used to determine which one takes preference if there are multiple sources of metadata, assuming that user provided metadata has the highest priority:

  1. External metadata files (NFO, XML, ARG etc)
  2. Filenames
  3. Embedded metadata
  4. Internet matching (most fills gaps unless the override option is enabled in the Conversion task Metadata correction page)

I found that I had to go into that correction page and fix it there. Then it started working on this one particular show.

On another note, when I record my shows, some shows have commercials while others don’t. Since they all get recorded to the same location that I monitor, they all get run through the conversion with the commercial skip. I’ve found on the shows that don’t have commercials to begin with, that sometimes parts of the shows get cut out as though it thinks there was a commercial. Is there a good way around that other than to have to put in new conversion task for each show?