Reset list of converted files

I have been struggling with MCEBuddy to get my encodings the way I want to. Now the files I already converted once and deleted the conversion and copied the originals back again, won’t convert anymore. Without telling MCE to convert whatever in the folder over and over, is there a place to clear the list of shows it has converted? Does it just read the names of the log files?



MCEBuddy -> Top left corner -> History button

You can remove individual items for reconverting or clear the entire
history to reconvert all files.

Is there a way to reconvert only a subset of the converted files. For example I converted show a and show b, but I made some changes and I want to reconvert only show b, and not worry about re-converting show a

I don’t want it to recovert everything again

Click on the history link on the main page top left corner. It will show you a history of all converted files. Then you can select the files you want to reconvert (re monitor)and click on the delete history button.
Alternatively just drag and drop the files you want to reconvert on to the app

Hi, new MCEBuddy user here. I am also trying to solve this problem however when I click on “Show history” my “Reconvert files” and “Clear history” buttons are greyed out. This happens whether I select a file in the table or not. Not sure what I should do to re-process my files?

Sounds like you’re using the trial version, those options are disabled in the trial version.

Ahh that actually makes total sense since there is a conversion limit during the trial. Thanks for clearing that up!