List of converted files

I have the setup described in the "How to prevent HDHomeRun from recording shows " post.

So for each recording I have I have a 100k snippet which prevents HDHR from rerecording.

Last time I upgraded my MCEbuddy it reprocessed everything so it had to “process” 100k files for a couple days. Is there any way to keep the MCEbuddy list of recorded shows so it doesn’t try to reprocess?

The conversion history is kept in the file named “History” in the config directory.

When upgrading MCEBuddy usually makes a backup of this file in your windows profile folder and restores it when installing the new version. It’s possible that file was corrupted or accidentally deleted while upgrading.

To be safe you can manually save the history file before uninstalling and restore it back IF MCEBuddy doesn’t do it automatically.

no problems this upgrade. Thanks.

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