Retain Logs on upgrade

Request Type:

MCEBuddy Version and Type (32bit or 64bit):
2.4.9 Beta

Operating System and Type (32bit or 64bit):
Windows 10 64-bit

Summary of the problem or suggestion:
Logs are removed during upgrade process … but there would be value in retaining them.

Steps to replicate the bug:
Logs get removed during the uninstall (which I suppose makes sense), but it is required to uninstall in order to upgrade. It would be nice to retain the logfiles after an upgrade.

Perhaps they belong in a USER area rather than a PROGRAM area so that they can be separated.

When uninstalling the installer cleans up everything. MCEBuddy backs up critical files to the user profile folder which are then restored on a fresh install.

Sometimes these logs are running to 10’s of GB’s (some folks convert a 1000 files a day) so backing them up probably won’t be feasible.

Makes sense, I guess it’s not a huge deal to to this by hand…