How do I keep settings from one version to the next?

I just installed Windows 11 and did a clean install of MCEBuddy version 2.5.6 and replaced the installed profiles.conf, history, and mcebuddy.conf files with my backed up files from previous install. Every time I check settings though it overwrites my backed up files. How do I migrate my old settings over? I was using 2.5.6 on my previous install, so I don’t understand why it won’t use my backed up config files.

Here is how I did it. Stop the engine via the GUI and then go stop the service in the windows services mmc. Copy over you backed up files over to the config folder and also the %userprofile%. (You may only have to do the %userprofile% directory but I did both and didn’t test which one specifically did the trick) Start the service and then start the engine via the GUI.

If that seems to complicated you can try uninstalling MCEBuddy, copy the conf files to your %userprofile% folder and reinstall MCEBuddy.