Only process new files


New MCEBuddy user here. Is there a way to set MCEBuddy to only process files that are newly added? I have a collection of videos that I don’t want to covert but only want newly added ones to be processed.

Thanks in advance.


The only way to do this is to point MCEBuddy to the folder and then manually remove the pending tasks in the queue. Assuming you don’t have it set to reconvert files (which is off by default), it will only convert new files that get added (the cancelled ones will show up in history).

Okay, that makes sense. Thank you kindly.

As @Will_Tschumy pointed out you can click on start and then pause. Let it load all the files in the queue and then select the ones you don’t want it to process (or use Ctrl + A to select all) and then click on cancel. Those won’t be converted again.