Starting New monitoring folder

I want to start to monitor a folder for only new additions, not files that already there. Is there a way to do that in MCEBuddy?
Almost need a scan button to put in txt file as history

Separate where incoming files go from where processed files go.

Then have MCEBuddy move (path rename) the files to the out folder when done. Basically, you include the full path in the rename rule.

Point your media serving app at the output directory.

No list needed. The file is in the “place” that tells you what to do with it.

Thank Mike!

MCEBuddy keeps a record of files transcoded, so, as long as you don’t clear the history without emptying the folder, it won’t bother re-processing it…
You can select the files already processed, and select skip/delete in the que, and it will also mark it to skip…

Hi bigtrucker26,

Thanks! I just tried something like this, pointed to new folder with ~ 8000 files :), hopefully MCEbuddy can handle that in it internal table, then pause the application, once it was done loading into table, I did ctrl -a then deleted them.
Seems to work :slight_smile: