Monitoring not converting suddenly

I thought MCEbuddy ran as a service and would pick up new recordings but now it’s been over a week and it hasn’t converted anything. After a reboot, am I supposed to launch the app? Should it be open so that it monitors?

MCEBuddy does run as a service in the background on start up.

  1. Make sure that your MCEBuddy service is running (Open Services and check it out)
  2. If there are no active conversions, open your MCEBuddy.log file and scroll to the bottom and see what’s going on, look for WARNING and ERROR messages and it’ll tell you what happened.
  3. It’s possible the conversions are starting and then terminating, check your History (the link on the top left of the screen) and then open your conversion logs to look for the errors (scroll to the bottom). Likely you’re out of space on your Temp folder or Destination folder.

I can’t tell from the log what might be the issue is but for some time now I have to force the scan just so the app picks up new files to reencode. Space isn’t an issue.

Attach the MCEBuddy.log file

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