I can't manually add or get the program to start via monitor either

Well, I loved the trial so much I decided to purchase it. I am running version 2.5.6. I had previously unsuccessfully tried the beta, but it didn’t work. I uninstalled, rebooted, and re-installed. I can’t get the program to begin anything. Nothing monitored begins and I am unable to add anything and get the program to start. I thought I closely followed all uninstall instructions but something is wrong and I can’t find it. Any help would be appreciated! Thank you!

mcebuddy.log (134.7 KB)

It’s your conversion task filters which don’t match the metadata on your files.

2021-08-24T19:17:24 MCEBuddy.Engine.QueueManager → IsSports >False<, IsMovie >False<, checking for show type filter >Movie<
WARNING> 2021-08-24T19:17:24 MCEBuddy.Engine.QueueManager → File Days of our Lives - s56e224 - 2021-08-24 140000.mp4 did not match Show Type Movie meta data pattern

You’ve set your task to only process files which have the type Movie associated with their metadata. However your video files don’t contain any metadata which indicate it’s a movie so MCEBuddy is skipping the files thinking it’s a show and not a movie. Remove the filter condition and it should pick them up.

You can search the logs for WARNING and ERROR and that should help you narrow down quickly if something is amiss and what’s going on.

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Thank you! I used to consider myself more detail oriented and would previously never missed something like this. Suck to get old LOL. Anyway, your solution works and is probably obvious to someone with better eyes. Thanks again.

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