Trouble starting mcebuddy

When I click on settings to stop mcebuddy to make a quick change, mcebuddy wont restart when I click start. I have to reboot my whole machine. I have this issue with multiple systems.

If you have a very large library to monitor it can take time because it needs to extract all the metadata from each file. Depends on how long it takes to extract the metadata from each file. You’ll see the progress captured in MCEBuddy.log

It is not a large library 5-10 items left in sub folders but my problem is I don’t get the stop button. it still says start.

Sorry, I don’t understand. You original post says you click Start but it doesn’t start monitoring immediately. Not sure by what you mean I don’t get the stop button.

Can you attach your mcebuddy.log along with the names of the files that aren’t being picked up.

This is a separate system from my other thread. What I am trying to say is after I click start the gui still shows the engine is stopped. logs below.

mcebuddy.log (7.7 MB)

I’m not seeing any errors in the logs other than:

INFORMATION> 2024-01-19T13:23:24 MCEBuddy.Engine.QueueManager → No accessible files founds in location D:\mcebuddy for monitor task mcebuddy

I’ll need more specific information. For example the exact time you clicked on Start and then you could try to look into the log file at that timestamp (bottom of the log) to see what it logs. If you don’t see any logs then it’s possible that GUI and engine aren’t communicating. If so then there may be an error logged in the windows event viewer (you can access those by clicking the Events link next to Logs in the GUI app).

It seems to be a random bug. I cant replicate it now. will post back next time it happens. my guess is it is taking a while for the mcebuddy service to stop then it hits it with a start while it is still stopping.