Monitors Work, but I have to stop and start MCEBUDDY to get them to work

I will see no files in queue, then I will stop and start MCEBuddy from the application. When I do that the queue fills up. Next time I check and see it empty, I repeat by stopping and starting, and once again, more files show up in the queue. What could cause a monitor to only work upon starting?

Check the mcebudy.log file. Might need to turn on debug level logging in system settings. You should be able to tell why the file wasn’t picked up the first time.

I’ve seen it where a file gets locked when it gets scanned and then it won’t try again until you stop/start it. Troubleshooting the lock was no fun. But determined that I accidently had two computers monitoring (I haven’t purchased the additional license yet, normally I am very careful to only have 1 computer running MCEBuddy at a time) the same location but with different profiles so the computer that didn’t need to process the file had the file locked while the computer it should have processed it couldn’t because of the lock.