Unless I hit stop / start, MCEBuddy may not always pick up new files

I keep finding that I have to force the app to find new files for re-encoding by hitting stop then start again. For example, I had recordings from Sunday which were not picked up till just now when I hit stop / start. Rescan didn’t do anything. Pause / Resume didn’t do anything either.

Any reason why the recordings wouldn’t be picked up automatically?

attach your mcebuddy.log file or go through it. Search for a filename you know that was picked up after a start/stop and see what the logs says. It’ll tell you why.

Are you using a mapped or a network drive? If so, one reason could be the drive is disconnecting (the error in the log might give you a clue as to why windows is disconnecting it). When you do a start/stop it forces a new connection to all paths/drives (rescan won’t force a reconnection, it’ll just rescan existing connections, which happens every 5 minutes by default and can be configured in the system settings page).