MCEBuddy 2.5.3 Not Detecting New Show

Longtime supporter and user of MCEBuddy.

I just got a new machine and installed MCEBuddy 2.5.3. Working great…eventually. When a new show is recorded on WMC, it doesn’t detect a new show - even when I press Rescan. An old trick to re-encode something is to change the name or duplicate the show. That doesn’t work either.

It does eventually notice the new show - usually an hour or so later. Don’t know what I can check to see what’s going on.

QUICK UPDATE - A show I recorded from 11AM-12PM EST just started converting at 1:30PM EST.

If you open MCEBuddy.log and search for your filename it’ll show you what’s going on. It’s usually one of two things in this case:

  1. The monitor location advanced settings has a minimum age (delay) configured (the default is 1 minute)
  2. The file is locked by another process preventing MCEBuddy from starting the conversion until the lock is released

Either way the log file will tell you what’s going on.

Hmmm…just checked the log and the advanced setting is set to default of 1. As to the lock, the show that ran from 11AM-12PM shows a lock at 10:58AM (probably at the time that MCE is starting to record) and then no other scan till like 12:58 or in some instances 14:04. Can I upload the log somewhere or is there something I am missing?

Just an update - the lock problem seems to be continuing. Again - very strange. It’s the only computer this is happening on. A show records, it ends (and actually moves on to record another show), and MCEBuddy is still not able to start processing for often an hour or more. Anything I can do or check?