Conversions not starting

OK, I don’t know what’s up but I followed instructions to a “T” and I can’t get mce to start doing anything. Even If I try to drag and drop only 1 file it will not take it. The window remains blank.
Someone please help me.
Edit: It did start converting. I Have no idea how but it did.

Its one of 2 things.

  • the file is locked and inacessible
  • you’ve set a filename/metadata/monitor location/codec filter in the Conversion task which doesn’t match the file you selected

Either way if you open mcebuddy.log and search for your filename it’ll tell you why its not being processed

There is also a delay from when the task will get added to the task queue displayed if the file was just added or stopped being written to. That’s a setting in the directory watcher section, if I remember correctly.

In my experience, it takes a few minutes for the first tasks to start showing up in the queue when I start processing. So give it a minute or so and then check if you think it didn’t start properly.

Thanks for the reply. I did wait quite a while but it still didn’t start. However I uninstalled it and re-installed and it appears to be working now.
Thanks again and Happy New Year!

Thank you. An uninstall and re-install got it going.

For reference, Mike is referring to the Monitor location → Expert settings page where there’s a Minimum age before processing which is set before videos start converting. This is used so that MCE doesn’t start processing a live recording while it’s being recorded. Some recording devices allow read access to file while they’re being written to and cause issues if MCEBuddy starts converting them before they completely recorded.


Also reference is System settings is the Poll period which is how often MCEBuddy looks for new files when monitoring a folder

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Thanks. This is all very informative for me.

Well, I’m back to the same problem.
I changed a couple options like leaving the destinaton folder empty so it overwrites the original (old shows I’m not worried about).
But now again nothing happens when I click start (it just sits at idle).
When I try to manually add a file I get the “No” symbol where you can’t drop a file.
Sorry to be a pain.
Any ideas? tx in advance

Open MCEBuddy.log and search for your filenames or warnings / errors to see what’s going on. Start from the bottom of the log and work your way up.

The no symbol you’re seeing is windows way of saying you can drag and drop files. Typically that’s either a permission error (eg from a network folder that’s inaccessible) or elevation mismatch (explorer or MCEBuddy window is running as administrator while the other window is running as a regular user).

Ok, I finally got it working correctly. Sometimes I can be a real dumbass!
Thanks again for all the help

That’s great, feel free to share your insights for others reference.