Files not getting scanned once computer starts

So if I have my files i want to convert on a network folder and if MCEBuddy is not started on the PC (PC is off for example) then when I start the PC it won’t find the new files even after the 10 mins. (I have it setup they need to be 10 mins old before converting) If i have MCEBuddy started before the files are created then there is no issue.
Mine is setup to archive the old files into a different directory. Not sure if anyone has any advice on this but I would appreciate any help.

Likely you windows credentials are failing or windows isn’t able to access the folder. You can open mcebuddy.log file and see what’s going on when you click on the refresh button.

We’ve made a few improvements to the engine to make it retry the network connections if windows rejects the network connection in the latest 2.4.9 BETA build, you can try it out.

Also check the timestamps/time on your network drive/machine. Some folks have reported weird issues when the time is out of sync.