New to MCEBuddy HELP using with network drive!

I am setting this up with my nas/network location. If I select a specific folder it works but if I want it to scan the entire directory it doesn’t work. I’m confused. I have it setup like this. Source folder (Monitor location) \192.168.xx.xx\TV_Shows\TV Shows and checked “Monitor Subdirectories” then I have the conversion tasks set the same way. As I want it to pick up convert and replace original file in the same directory. It only works if I point it to a folder within the location. Like for example for the sample below if I chose “The Simpsons” directory it will work but not just the TV Shows location. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

My nas is setup like this TV Shows/TV Show/The Simpsons/S01/s01e01

Can you attach your MCEBuddy.log file to see what’s going on.