PC going to sleep before MCEBuddy finds new file to process

I have a Windows 7 PC that I use Windows Media Center to record over the air channels. It is set to go to sleep after 20 minutes of inactivity. I have also tried 30 minutes.

The PC successfully wakes up to record a show.

MCEBuddy is set to not allow the PC to go to sleep while processing a file. This works fine.

The problem is that MCEBuddy does not find the file within 20 minutes after a show has finished recording and the computer goes to sleep. The file is not picked up by MCEBuddy until the computer is woken up at a later time.

Can I set MCEBuddy to search for files more often or what do you suggest?

Thank you.

Yes you can change the Poll period under the System Setings page. The default is 5 minutes with the 2.4.9 builds. You can reduce it to one minute.

Okay I found the poll period setting.

I’m using version 2.4.8 and it looks like it’s set to 60 seconds.

Any other ideas on why it’s not picking up the new recording within half an hour? Maybe something is going wrong? It always finds it pretty fast after waking the computer up.

Check your Monitor Location -> Expert Settings, see the Minimum age, try setting it to 0. Basically that’s how long it waits since the file was last modified, so if some program keeps modifying the file, MCEBuddy will wait for X minutes until it was last modified before picking it up

I think I found my problem.

One day I noticed my PC go to sleep immediately after a recording was finished. This surprised me a bit as I thought it would wait the 20 minutes I have set for the pc to go to sleep after inactivity.

So I got to thinking about what might be causing this or if maybe it was by design. Then it hit me. I use this app called MCE Standby Tool that might have an option for something like this :hushed: and sure enough there it is. A checkbox that says “Suspend when a recording or guide update is finished.” I turned that option off and now everything is working as expected.

Thank you for your time.

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