HDHomerun DVR: MceBuddy tries to process recordings in progress

I have MCEbuddy monitoring the HDHomerun DVR recordings folder on my NAS (HDH DVR Engine and MCE buddy running on Windows 10 PC). I’ve had MCE Buddy grab recordings and try to process them before the recording is complete.
Is there a way to make sure MCE Buddy doesn’t try process the file until the recording is complete? Shouldn’t the file be “locked” until the recording is finished? This might be a question suited to the SD forums but thought I might be able to handle it with MCEBuddy.

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MCEBuddy looks for a read lock and if it find a read lock it won’t process the file. Not all softwares lock file while writing to it.

To work around these issues you can set the minimum age setting in the Monitor Task Expert settings page. MCEBuddy looks at the last time the file was modified and waits for a configured minimum time before it starts processing it.

Thanks for the quick reply, I originally had the minimum age set at 1 minute and I think it was being a bit too keen on grabbing the file so I’ve upped it to 3 minutes now and it looks to be working fine now!

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