CPU demand, Monitoring folders

I am having an issue with HDHR freezing while performing skips on playback. The freeze occurs on (Football) programs that are still being recorded while playback occurs at an earlier point. I have done a lot of diagnostics on this issue (HDHomeRun Thread) and want to be sure MCEBuddy is in no way interfering with the recording/playback. This is in regard to the recording stream as well as periodic high CPU usage while monitoring my HDHR directory(s).

Below are my MCEBuddy settings. If I have it configured correctly, my conversion jobs should run ONLY from midnight to noon (-30 min). Which in my time zone should be outside the time for any live broadcasts that I would record. Further, I believe I have properly excluded the HDHR Live TV folder in any case.

Does anyone know of any processing that MCEBuddy might do that could give the HDHR playback a problem?


MCEBuddy doesn’t touch the original file and makes a copy of it in the temp folder and works on that unless you’ve disabled those protection features. Post your conversion task expert settings page settings. The protection settings are in RED and it’ll prompt your if you try to disable them.

Also if you’re finding that MCEBuddy is starting processing of your recording while it’s still recording change your Minimum Age in the Monitor Location expert settings to say 10 minutes. This is required when the recoding software doesn’t “lock” the file while recording, so MCEBuddy thinks it’s okay to start processing it. By putting a Minimum Age it looks to see if the recorded files last written timestamp hasn’t changed (eg for 10 minutes) before it starts processing it.

Thanks much Goose for your feedback. It is greatly appreciated. I have not disabled the original file copy. I assume this is the first thing it will do when it starts its “processing”, after the Minimum Age delay.(?)

I have changed the MCEBUddy processing Minimum Age to 30 minutes. With these settings, do you see any reason that MCEBuddy/ComSkip MIGHT incur a high CPU utilization or in anyway interfere with the HDHR recording process?


Looks good