HDHomeRun Folder - Randomly deleted media

Hi, I recently purchased MCEBuddy to remove commercials from my HDHomeRun DVR recordings. I setup the configuration using these instructions.

One of the problems I noticed is that the Record Engine creates subfolders and organizes the content by series, but MCEBuddy does not seem to play well with this setup. When it attempts to process episodes, it ends up locking all of the directories and never releases them. I’m denied access to the folders due to permissions. I can’t even seize ownership. I have to reboot the computer in order to gain access to some of the directories again. Sometimes many directories/episodes vanish or are deleted after reboot. Has anyone else ran into this problem? I’m using a standard install of Windows 10 Pro with MCEBuddy 2.4 R7. I’ve tried both network and local storage. The result is the same. I have no special file or permission structure setup. Everything is default. I don’t know what I’m doing wrong.

Update: I did not know that MCEBuddy uses a TMP directory in its installation directory to process files. I thought it did this in the specified media directory. I think my problems were created because the drive where the TMP folder is located was smaller and was running out of space. I have since updated the settings to place the TMP directory on the larger drive where I have my media located. The program seems to be working as expected now.

Update 2: The problem is still happening. If MCEBuddy is left open for too long, it gets stuck during conversions and random files/folders are deleted. If I restart MCEBuddy every couple of days, then the problem does not seem to occur. Clearly something is buggy when MCEBuddy is used in combination with HDHomeRun. I’ve reviewed the logs and they don’t seem to indicate any problem. I guess I’ll just script MCEBuddy to restart every couple of days.

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MCEBuddy doesn’t lock any files.