HD recordings fail to play after commercial removal

I used MCEBuddy 2.4.8 Beta to process my HDHDVR movies folder, using the HDHomerun Unprocessed profile to remove ads but not convert. After the 30ish files were done, they correctly appeared in the UI of the DVR but all files that were HD quality now fail to play, whereas SD files play correctly. The HD files play in VLC but not via the DVR.
I’m recording UK TV and I believe virtually all HD TV is broadcast in .h264 whereas SD is in mpeg2 so I don’t know if there’s some issue with the way MCEB is handling the h264 files within the mpg container.
And as the files are visible I believe the metadata is intact, however I’m seeing “doubled” poster images (where a smaller version of the poster is displayed over the larger portrait image) on all processed files as if something not quite right has happened with the meta data.
What are the full recommended settings regarding meta data when attempting to process HDDVR files to allow them to play correctly after having ads removed?

MCEBuddy doesn’t modify any of the metadata with HDHR profiles. It just “copies” them over from the source to the final file. As far as “Unprocessed” goes there’s no difference between HD and SD file, it just cuts the commercials out and put the remaining pieces back together and copies the metadata over from the original file. Maybe the SiliconDust folks can take a look at one of your processed files and let you know if they find any issues (it could be that the HDHR system is confused because it originally saw a file of a particular size and now sees a file of a different size in which case they may need to patch it up at their end).

Thanks for the quick response, does that mean that when I use a HDHomerun profile, the meta data tick boxes in MCEBuddy’s settings have no effect? Is there a particular combination required to ensure the existing meta data is copied? Do I need to just ensure 'Add Information" is ticked?

That’s all that is required. It automatically extracts the metadata and writes it back if this option is checked.

You can attach the log file and I can take a look to verify that there are no errors while reading and writing the metadata.