MCEBuddy HDHomeRun DVR Live TV Issue

I recently had to replace my PC that I had MCEBuddy running on due to a corrupt hard drive, thanks power outage. I am using HDHomeRun’s DVR to record OTA shows and then MCEBuddy to remove commercials and convert to Plex format. So far it works great on the fresh install of windows 10, however I did run into an issue that I haven’t ever had. I worked from home the other day and had the HDHomeRun View App up and running, which dumps it into the HDHomeRun defined save location under a Live TV Folder. I noticed that the MCEBuddy job started processing something, and when I looked, it was processing the LIve TV stream. I never had that happen previously. While poking around in the settings, i noticed that there was a excluded folders. Do I just put the full path (e:\TV_Recording\Live TV) and MCEBuddy will ignore what ever is in there? I don’t remember having to do that prior, but could just because I am getting old.

Yes you can do that. You could also set the minimum age in the Monitor location expert settings to say 10 minutes so then MCEBuddy will wait for 10 minutes since the file was last modified before attempting to convert it.