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I’m using MCEBuddy with HDHomerun. Under Expert Setting, I have Exclude Folder set to Live TV, yet it still tries to encode files listed there. Is that not what the setting is for?

I’m running 2.4.8.

Thank you

Yes but it’s in the syntax which determines how it works. Check your mcebuddy.log file to see how it’s matching against the folder name. It should be an exact match. If you’re unsure, try using wildcard characters like *live tv or live tv* to compensate for any extra characters before or after the folder name.

Thank you. I’ll play with the different settings.

MCEBuddy keeps processing live tv .mpg files created by HDhomerun despite my putting in the Live TV folder in the Exclude Folder box in Expert settings. The logs show the exclude folder correctly as “Search Path Exclude -> F:\Recorded TV\HDhomerun\Live TV” and delay of 15 minutes before processing, but it still processes the live tv files created every time I change channel. I have tried to follow the instructions of another thread, adding an * wildcard after “Live TV”. I also inserted several different exclude argument with a comma in between and multiple wild cards, all to no avail. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Can you attach your MCEBuddy.log file so we can see what’s going on.

mcebuddy.log and on live channel conversion log attached

mcebuddy.log (5.2 MB)
Live channel 600 08ef8377.mpg-Convert to MP4-2019-01-06T17-15-50.8188707-05-00 .log (1.2 MB)

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I see why it isn’t working. You’ve included the full path in the exclude path, currently MCEBuddy looks at the relative path and for keywords in that.

So if you monitor path is F:\Recorded TV\HDhomerun and your file you don’t want processed is located in F:\Recorded TV\HDhomerun\Live TV, then it compares the relative path.
In this case the relative path is Live TV, is compared with your exclusion path, which you’ve specified as F:\Recorded TV\HDhomerun\Live TV and hence it’s not matching it.

This is clearly a situation which needs to be handled better by MCEBuddy.

For now simply enter Live TV in your exclusion path and it should work.

This feature has been added in today’s 2.4.10 BETA build, you can now specify absolute paths for folder exclusions or relative paths/keywords.

Thanks a lot. Your help is much appreciated.

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Excluding one folder like Live Tv folder works.

How do I exclude multiple folders?

If you rest your mouse on an option it gives you an instant pop up help (description):

Thanks for getting back to me. I will test and let you know.