How to handle two different files

Now that HDHomerun offers Premium TV channels I am wondering how MCEBuddy handles OTA vs the Premium channels and if I should tweak something or not.

The profile I currently use is MKV Normal quality so that it gives me an mkv file with H.264 encoding. However, the Premium channels are already encoded with H.264.

My question is, does MCEBuddy already notice this when it transcodes a file and so not try to re-encode it again into H.264 like it would need to do with the OTA recorded files?

I ask because it would be nice if this is the case and I know that at least on the Premium recordings it is using less cpu/ram.

I know that if I used MKV unprocessed on the Premium channels it would just be a quick remux but not sure if the program automatically does this if it notices the file is already H.264.


MCEBuddy will always use the profile you’ve selected.

I would suggest you create a separate conversion task using the codec as the filter and have MKV Unprocessed apply to recordings where the codec is h.264

Ok, thanks for your response.

I have looked and googled and looked at the How To section and I cannot for the life of me figure out where the filter is for codecs. I see the filter by show or channel but not codec.

Can you point that out to me?

EDIT: Nevermind - I just found it! Geez, I need more coffee!