Extracting mpeg4 from wtv

A number of years back, Comcast started broadcasting mpeg4 in my area, so most of my old WTV files are already mpeg4. It appears that MCEBuddy is re-encoding them as mp4 again, rather than just extracting the existing mp4 stream into a mp4 container. Is there a way to tell it to only re-encode the older mpeg2 versions, and simply extract mpeg4 into a new container?

Use the unprocessed profiles to copy the original video stream untouched.

If you want to separate the mpeg2 and mpeg4 files, create 2 separate conversions tasks. One which uses a regular mpeg4 profile to convert mpeg2 to mpeg4 and the other which users the MP4 Unprocessed profile, and in the Expert Settings page select the appropriate codec filter for each task so it’ll only process files if that codec is present.


Hmm. I’m running v2.3 R13 and my Expert Settings doesn’t look like that, but it does look like I can select TS unprocessed as a profile. What version are you using?

The latest version, there have been over 1000+ new features and bug fixes since 2.3.13